Diverse Talent for Today and Tomorrow

At Fonterra, our people are at the heart of our success.
We are committed to attracting, developing and retaining a diverse group of talented individuals and creating an inclusive culture that enables everyone to bring their best and authentic selves to work every day. 

Inclusion and Diversity

We believe in the power of diversity in all forms, including thought, experience, gender, ethnicity, sexuality and ability. We know that greater diversity will unlock our potential to be a market leader.

We are incredibly proud of who we are, of what we do and how we got here. We believe in the “how” just as much as in the “what” and that this is our competitive edge. We believe that our differences make us better, and that creating an environment of belonging will set us apart.

Our vision is to have workplace where inclusion and belonging is a lived experience. Our people feel valued and can be their authentic selves. We work hard to create an environment that enables our people to be their best.  We do this because it’s good for our people, which means it’s good for our business. 

Creating Great Leaders

For people to thrive in the workplace, we need great leaders. That's why we invest immensely in our leaders through our global Leadership Essentials Program. This program is designed for leaders to accelerate leadership capabilities, and to do this we have partnered with Jumpshift to access expert facilitation and cutting-edge technology (Adeption).​  

Employee Development

A big part of our strategy requires us to have a workforce that is continually developing. This means our employees are thinking about development, and in turn, having a plan around that development. We know for a fact that this is important to our people.

Together with Future Works Studio we created a platform that connects our people by tapping into the skills and knowledge that exists across our business called WeConnect.

The platform enables our employees to work smarter and faster by tapping into their peers and find out if someone can help. It also gives our employees a way to build connection, whether it be to bring together a group of people to collaborate, to let others know of development opportunities, or to find a mentor to help with their career goals.

WeConnect stands for We Collaborate, Opt to Network, Share Knowledge, Experience and Coach Talent – a perfect way to leverage the incredible talent in our business that lives up to our values.