Starting grads as we mean to go on


Celebrating our partnership with Tuputoa. 

The success of our Co-op depends on our people, so diversity and inclusion are an important part of our culture. 

We strive to recruit a diverse group of individuals, not only because it’s the right thing to do, it’s also crucial to our long-term success.

We’ve recently become a major partner of Tuputoa, so we can attract and employ a broader range of talent. Tuputoa is an organisation that connects businesses with diligent interns from tertiary institutions across Aotearoa, New Zealand with a special emphasis on Māori and Pasifika.

By working together, we can disrupt the persistent inequalities that prevent those communities from accessing certain career pathways. 

Together, we’re growing future leaders and paving the way for a corporate environment that both embraces, and benefits from, diversity. 

Manu, Turuhira and Sarah share their experiences with Tuputoa and Fonterra as Business Interns and now, Graduates.

Manu Edwards, Supply Chain Graduate 

“Tuputoa opened the door for me and whether I went through that door was up to me. At work, there’s always an opportunity to teach others about my culture, especially those who may not have the knowledge or background. Tuputoa widened my view of what I could accomplish, in terms of my own career and they gave me more opportunities.”

My culture, upbringing and education allow me to bring something new to the table that creates lasting value for the Co-op.

Sarah Tauri, Marketing & Sales Graduate

Turuhira Hotene, Business Graduate

“The chance to represent my culture within these spaces is a result of Tuputoa enforcing the notion that your culture is what makes you unique, and it is something you should embrace and be proud of. Taku Mana Māori Motuhake (my special presence is within my own Māoritanga). I look at my culture as like a superpower for me because, not a lot of people are able, at this moment, to use their culture to their benefit. Tuputoa bridged the gap for me and gave me that steppingstone.”

Sarah Tauri, Marketing & Sales Graduate

“Tuputoa have provided numerous opportunities for professional and personal growth and have supported me on my journey to become a Fonterra intern and graduate. At University, I studied commerce and arts majoring in marketing, management and Māori studies. I love working for a Co-op that can see the value in both of my degrees. My culture, upbringing and education allow me to bring something new to the table that creates lasting value for the Co-op. I’m grateful to work for an organisation that encourages me to bring my whole self to work and empowers me to deliver value for our farmer shareholders.” 

Through our partnership, we can support our communities as well as deliver better outcomes for our Co-operative, because diversity is key to innovation. Our Māori and Pasifika people bring vibrant cultures and refreshing perspectives to the workplace. 

This feeds into our Co-op’s purpose; 

Our Co-operative,
Empowering people
To create goodness for generations.
You, me, us, together.
Tātou, tātou.