Sustainability Reporting

We cannot build our business by borrowing from future generations. We must take a long term view about how we act today and tomorrow to ensure the sustainability of dairy farming in New Zealand.

Climate Roadmap

Our Climate Roadmap is our strategy – the path that takes us towards our 2030 targets and ambition to be net zero by 2050. It outlines how Fonterra expects to deliver key actions across farming, manufacturing and supply operations and the support it will need to get there. 

Our Strategy Towards 2050 

Hear from some of our Fonterra team around all we are doing to reach our ambition of net zero by 2050.

Charlotte Rutherford - Director of Sustainability

In this short video, Charlotte explains why it is important that we have a climate roadmap and what it means for Fonterra and our customers.

Anne Douglas - Group Director, Farm Source

Anne explains why our on-farm footprint is our opportunity to make the biggest difference, and how our Fonterra farmers are committed to helping achieve our targets.

Kailyn Smith - Corporate Sustainability Manager

Outlining Fonterra's climate ambition, Kailyn explains what 2030 targets are. 


Climate Roadmap


Climate Roadmap Infographic

Sustainability Report 2023

The Sustainability Report 2023 covers the activities of Fonterra Co-operative Group Limited and joint ventures under Fonterra’s management control.

It covers the social, environmental and economic aspects of our performance and is one of the reports published as part of our integrated suite of reports this year and supports our Annual Review 2023.  

People & Culture

We are working together to care for people and make a positive social impact.


We are working together to achieve a healthy environment for farming and society.

Working together

We are working together to deliver a sustainable business.