Working together for a healthy planet

Together with our Co-op of thousands of dedicated farming families, rural communities, and environmental partners, we’re taking steps to help to take care of Aotearoa New Zealand’s precious waterways, soils, climate and biodiversity.

After all, protecting natural resources is intrinsically linked to safeguarding the future of the environment and communities we depend upon.

When we come together, we can support resilient intergenerational farming, realise the full potential of sustainable dairy nutrition and create goodness for generations to come.

Acting on climate

Our ambition is to be net zero by 2050, and we have one of the toughest climate challenges left to solve - methane from cows.

So we’re working with industry and government partners, significantly investing in potentially promising solutions, supporting the innovation of potential new technologies and working on practical tools for farmers. We’re also working to reduce emissions from manufacturing and transport.

Regenerating nature and waterways

We believe dairy has a regenerative future.

We know that our farmers are working to improve soil health, plant native trees, optimise fertiliser use and fence stock out of waterways, which helps to safeguard Aotearoa New Zealand’s precious environment. We also recognise the impact of our manufacturing sites which is why Fonterra is aiming for all manufacturing sites to have a bespoke water improvement plan by 2024.

More sustainable packaging

We're taking steps to minimise the impact our packaging has on the environment. This means transitioning to more recycle-ready materials, using less plastic and supporting the development of waste infrastructure.

Learn about our sustainable packaging strategy to 2050, including how we’re working towards 95%+ recycle-ready packaging by 2025.