Fonterra Farmers

Good things happen when we work together

We work alongside farmers to build the collective strength of our Co-op and help them to improve their practices, profitability and environmental efficiency.

This includes supporting farmers with insights, tools and the most up-to-date advice, while also working to save them costs across our network of Farm Source stores. The aim is to deliver them maximum sustainable returns while bringing value to our customers, consumers and communities.

Become a Fonterra farmer

There’s a lot to weigh up when choosing which dairy company you want to be part of. You’ll have a number of things on your checklist: competitive milk price, dividend payments, secure demand, business support and access to industry expertise to name a few. As a Co-operative, maximising the overall wealth of our shareholders is at the core of our purpose and this includes paying our farmer shareholders the highest sustainable price for their milk.

Our Farmgate Milk Price sets the benchmark from which most other companies in New Zealand set their price, while our scale helps to provide farmers with security. For example, as market conditions change, we can move our farmers’ milk into the products and channels that earn the highest value. There’s also never been an easier time to join Fonterra thanks to the Flexible Shareholding capital structure we introduced in 2023.

If you're thinking about becoming a Fonterra farmer, you can contact our 24/7 Farmer Support Team on 0800 65 65 68 or get in touch with the key person in your region via the contact details below. Alternatively, request a call back here. We’d love to have a conversation about what we can offer you.

Supporting Fonterra farmers

Farm Source is the connection point between our farmers and the Co-op. Working at a local level across the length and breadth of New Zealand, this team gets alongside farmers to help them continue to lead the way in sustainable, efficient dairy farming.

We understand the importance of offering comprehensive support whether it's related to milk production, herd health, financial tools, mental wellbeing or any other aspect of their dairy operations. 

Co-operative Difference

The Co-operative Difference framework recognises farmers who have made positive changes and encourages other farmers to do the same. It identifies and considers what we need to do today, what we need to be thinking about for tomorrow and what we need to consider in the longer term.

Fonterra pays up to 10c per kilogram of milksolids above base milk price to farms that achieve practices across five focus areas – Milk, People and Community, Environment, Animals and Co-operative and Prosperity. 

The way we farm

Thanks to our grass-fed, pasture-based farming practices, Fonterra's New Zealand farmers are already amongst the world's most emissions-efficient dairy producers.

We want farming in Aotearoa New Zealand to continue for generations to come, and in order to do so we know we need to farm in a way that helps to protect and regenerate our environment. 

The work we’re doing with farmers to reduce emissions on an intensity basis is an important part of keeping our Co-op resilient for the future.

Animal Wellbeing

Cows are at the heart of every dairy farm, and their health and wellbeing are of paramount importance to us. 

Having healthy cows is not only good for the cow, but it also leads to more efficient production of high quality milk and taking a proactive approach is better for the farmer too.

That’s why we partner with farmers to continuously improve animal wellbeing outcomes.

Organic dairy farming

Fonterra Organics has been running since 2004 and ever since then, the programme has grown in supply, product range and value. 

Our organic farmers receive the Organic Milk Price, which is independently calculated from the organic product streams. In 2022/23 they were paid a record high thanks in large part to successful new product launches and increased market share across all of our key customers and markets.   

We believe New Zealand is the best place in the world to produce organic dairy and would love to hear from any farmers who may be interested in transitioning. 

Contact us

Please feel free to give one of our Business Development Managers a call, to talk about how we can support your business goals.


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Taranaki / Central Districts

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Canterbury / Tasman / Marlborough

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Southland / Otago

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