Our office is residence to our B2B ingredients brand NZMP focused on Active Living, Medical Nutrition and Fresh Core Dairy team who concentrate on delivering specialty ingredients and dairy solutions and innovations to our partners and customers.

In addition to NZMP;  you will also find our Anchor Dairy consumer brands team working to deliver our grass fed butter and cheeses to retailers across the US as well as our Anchor Food Professionals teams in Mexico City and Fort Lauderdale.

Headquartered in Chicago IL, close to O’Hare Airport; Fonterra America’s is the regional home of AMENA Americas.

Our expansive region employs roughly 100 people with expertise in a variety of specialtiy functions.  With employees in 2 countries as well as 4 cities diverse teams represent more than 11 different nationalities allowing us to work and learn from one another in order to truly live our “Good Together” values; while delivering on our strategic goals.

Fonterra Americas is an extension of global dairy giant Fonterra out of Auckland, New Zealand. Owned by 10,000 farmers and decades of expertise in dairying we are the world’s leading exporter – shaping the industry in quality dairy solutions and disruptive, differentiated innovations.

Our Markets

We share the goodness of dairy nutrition with the world through our brands, farming and processing operations across our target markets within the United States, Canada and Mexico.


What we stand for

Fonterra is a Co-op with its roots firmly planted in New Zealand’s rich land.

Delivering the most nutritious dairy products, connecting with communities and caring for the environment.

We stand for environmental sustainability, caring for our community and providing the most nutritious dairy products possible