Our People

Creating a culture of care, together
Our workplace culture is guided by our purpose and values, and encourages true collaboration, so we can all do our best work for the Co-operative.

​​​​To achieve this, we require a safe, healthy, respectful and inclusive workplace – one that invites diverse perspectives so everyone feels they authentically belong.​​     ​​​

Unlocking potential

We support our people’s wellbeing and develop their capabilities and leadership skills with support systems, coaching and learning opportunities. 

  • Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) to support our people’s mental wellbeing
  • We aim to ​​​​​​​​double on-the-job reskilling hours in New Zealand by 2025 (from 2020)
  • 77 sponsors and 211 coaches have been involved in our leadership programme (as of August 2023)

Big on diversity for a stronger Co-operative.  

Fonterra is Rainbow Tick certified, and in 2022 we were finalists in the Deloitte Top 200 for D&I Leadership.

Female representation in global senior leadership is trending upwards, but we still have a way to go to achieve parity. Our 40:40:20 gender leadership goals refers to 40% female, 40% male, 20% of any gender, which introduces flexibility for female, male or non-binary genders. 


100% of base salary or wage

for 26 weeks is covered under our parental leave for New Zealand employees.


39.5% female representation

in senior leadership, on-track for our 40% target by the end of FY24.

Our Māori Strategy 

Haea te Ata, our Māori strategy, is inspired by the moment when the sun pierces through darkness and begins the cycle of a new day, with opportunities to be realised.  

Our Matakahi Māori strategy team is connecting all our farmer shareholders and staff to our unique Aotearoa New Zealand identity and provenance in a way that connects and unifies us all.

Haea te Ata is based on three pillars:

  • ‘Tāngata’ to connect Māoritanga (culture & ways of thinking) & Co-op culture and values, with our people.
  • ‘Taiao’ to support Te Oranga o te Taiao (a healthy natural environment) & Co-op sustainability, in all we do.
  • ‘Tuakiri’ to strengthen Te Tuakiritanga & Co-op provenance, across our business.   

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