Māori Strategy

To Draw a New Day

Healthy People,

Healthy Environment,

Healthy Business.

Fonterra has embarked on a new pathway to create sustainable value for its farmers and customers through innovation, sustainability and efficiency.

Focusing on New Zealand milk and measured against three pillars of Healthy People, Healthy Environment and Healthy Business. Within this context, it has recognised the need to strengthen its relationships with tangata whenua and acknowledge the unique contribution of Te Ao Māori (Māori culture and worldview) to Aotearoa New Zealand. To enable this, Fonterra has developed its own Māori Strategy called Haea te Ata.

Haea te Ata strategic objectives







Mō tātou, Mō Aotearoa


The aim of Haea te Ata is to enhance our Fonterra purpose, to influence our strategy and to inspire our people by infusing Te Ao Māori into our core. In that spirit of inclusion and celebration, our vision is simply:

“Mō tātou”

for the benefit of all of us in its most broadest sense our farmers, our staff, our customers our stakeholders in all parts of the world.

“Mō Aotearoa”

for Aotearoa New Zealand, celebrating our New Zealand supplied milk and our unique provenance story and heritage within the global dairy industry that we share with the world.

Manaakitanga, Kaitiakitanga, Whanaungatanga


Haea te Ata is guided by three key Māori principles. 


as how we care for each other as people in all we do.


as how we protect our natural environment today for future generations.


as how we connect with each other for common strength and purpose.

These principles fundamental to Te Ao Māori provide a foundation to complement our Co-operative values to grow and guide our people’s behaviour into the future.

He Waka eke noa. A canoe which we are all in with no exception


The outcomes expected from the implementation of the Haea te ata Strategy should include:

  • An improved awareness and acknowledgment of the positive impact of Te Ao Māori to Fonterra amongst the Co-Op
  • A shift in mindset to Improved relationships and collaboration with Tangata Whenua
  • A clearly identifiable contribution to improved organisational culture and wellbeing
  • An increasing Māori influence through sustainability, our brands our provenance story
  • An enhancement  of our purpose across our Co-Op
  • A positive contribution to an increasingly diverse and inclusive workforce
  • A more visible and active Māori leadership presence across our Co-Op