A winning approach to health & wellbeing


Fonterra’s Health and Wellbeing team have proven they’re industry-leading, winning the WorkSafe New Zealand best initiative to address a work-related health risk at the New Zealand Workplace Health and Safety Awards.

It recognises their work in redefining the way Occupational Health Nurses at Fonterra’s sites deliver and support the teams, switching a one-size-fits-all approach to a role and risk-based system.

Fonterra’s Head of Health & Wellbeing, Terry Buckingham, says the award represents a three-year programme of change.

“Previously, our team would primarily look at hazards and exposures in the workplace but are now evaluating the overall risk for each individual and their role.”

Clare Lynn, the team’s Practice Leader, says it’s now a much more tailored and personalised approach.

“This enhances the way we deliver support to the business and care for our people.

Safeguard Health Award Winner: Fonterra

Fonterra is the winner of the WorkSafe Award for best initiative to address a work-related health risk in the 2020 Safeguard New Zealand Health and Safety Awards.

Fonterra’s new Health & Wellbeing delivery model means our Occupational Health Nurses take on greater roles as health navigators, who now lead, coach and promote the new risk-based health strategy.

Terry says the work began as a reflection of the update to the Health and Safety at Work Act in 2015.

“We knew the risk-based approach was endorsed by WorkSafe, and was a new, modern way of looking at things. We are always looking at opportunities to improve the way we do things to get better health outcomes.”

To win this award gives us external recognition and puts a seal of approval on our work.

terry buckingham, head of health & wellbeing, fonterra

The team developed a delivery model based on six Ps used daily:

  • Protection – protecting our people’s health
  • Prevention – preventing harm
  • Promotion – promoting healthy lifestyles
  • Partnerships – partnering internally and externally
  • Participation – reaching all of our people
  • Planning – evaluating and optimising programmes


Fonterra’s Practice Leader of Health & Wellbeing, Clare Lynn at work

“To win this award gives us external recognition and puts a seal of approval on our work. It proves we’re doing good things and are ahead of where we need to be, and I’m proud of the team,” says Terry.

“It wouldn’t have been possible without the additional focus and support Fonterra has given to Health & Wellbeing, as part of the wider success of Health and Safety. This goes hand in hand with Food Safety and Quality when it comes to creating goodness for generations to come.”