Promoting Healthy Lifestyles

We promote healthy and active lifestyles for our consumers.


We do this through easy-to-understand articles relating to nutrition and health on our websites and other nutrition education resources; we help consumers make informed, healthy choices through honest and clear labelling of our products.

At Fonterra, we believe there’s so much goodness in milk that it’s like a true superfood. 

Promoting Healthy Lifestyles

All of Fonterra’s product and nutrition claims are compliant with local regulatory requirements and based on robust science.


We support the wellbeing of our employees with activities and resources that encourage healthy lifestyles such as healthy eating advice, mental health programs and challenges boosting both physical and mental wellbeing.

Anchor is proud to be the main sponsor of the AIMS Games - the premier sporting competition for young sportspeople across New Zealand and the wider South Pacific.

We are rolling out the Health Star Rating on our everyday products in New Zealand. We are adding the rating to products as we refresh our packaging, to provide useful information to support healthy choices. At the end of FY20 the rating was on 92% of our applicable products.  The Health Star Rating is available on our websites for all New Zealand everyday products.

We adhere to local regulatory requirements and support various evidence-based government and regulatory initiatives that aim to improve population health and encourage healthy dietary patterns and lifestyles.

We participate in global discussions relating to nutrition and health and contribute to public consultations, either directly or via industry organisations. In many cases the recipient of the submissions would make these publicly available via a website. Fonterra would provide access to any submission to public consultations on request.

[1] Applicable products are those intended for everyday consumption in New Zealand and where the packaging is not also used for export to regions where the Health Star Rating is not accepted.