As a leading global nutrition company from New Zealand, we are committed to making Sri Lanka a healthier and happier nation.

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Our brands

Anchor is one of Sri Lanka’s favourite dairy brands. We also provide a wide range of products that deliver high quality dairy nutrition to people at all stages of life.


Anchor is the country’s favourite full cream milk powder brand. Through Anchor, we’ve provided high-quality dairy nutrition trusted by generations globally since 1877, to help our nation’s children achieve their dreams of becoming tomorrow’s champions.

Anchor Full Cream Milk Powder

Anchor full cream milk powder is enriched with Vitamins A and D3 to support the daily amount of nutrients required for the entire family.

Anchor Liquid Milk

Anchor liquid milk is sourced from thousands of Sri Lankan dairy farmers, bringing consumers the goodness of Sri Lankan fresh milk made to international standards.

Anchor Shape Up

Anchor Shape Up Non-Fat milk is your partner in leading a healthier, active lifestyle. Our milk powder promises you a world-class product from New Zealand, whilst our UHT milk is collected fresh from Sri Lankan dairy farmers.

Anchor Drinking Yoghurt

Anchor Drinking Yoghurt is made from locally-sourced fresh milk. It is low in fat and has only 7% added sugar content. The product is available in two highly popular flavours, vanilla and mango & passionfruit. The product contains probiotics and added fibre for gut health.

Anchor Newdale

Anchor Newdale offers a range of nutritious flavoured milk and yogurt products made with milk sourced from our Sri Lankan dairy farmers.


Ratthi is a thick and creamy textured milk powder, making it a top choice for Sri Lankans looking to make the best cup of tea.

Anchor PediaPro

The Anchor PediaPro range is for toddlers and children up to the age of five years with fortified nutrients that support brain development and growth.

Anchor PediaPro Mama

Supports the nutrition needs of expectant and breastfeeding mums, with fortified nutrients important during this crucial time of foetal and infant growth and development and no added sugar.


An expert in healthy ageing and bone strength, Anlene is the leading high calcium milk in Sri Lanka and is fortified with key nutrients to help people lead an active life. 

Anchor Food Professionals

The preferred choice for high-quality dairy solutions such as butter, cheese, and creams for professional chefs from more than 700 hotels, quick-service restaurants, and bakeries.