Working towards a more sustainable future in Australia


As one of Foodbank’s National Milk Program partners, Fonterra Australia was humbled to receive the 2019 Foodbank Award for our contribution to help fight hunger in Australia.

We recognise that our customers, our farmers, our people and the communities in which we operate, expect this from us – and we recognise that we can do well and do good; they can work together.

To mark the commitment to sustainability, we have launched our first Sustainability Update for Fonterra Australia.

The update is a snapshot of how Fonterra Australia is doing its part to be more sustainable, and draws from the Fonterra Group’s Sustainability Report which looks at our business outcomes on a global scale for 2017/18.

Our sustainability approach is grouped under three pillars:

  • Nutrition – working to address public health challenges and improve the health and wellbeing of individuals and communities
  • Environment – improve the health and diversity of our land and waters, reduce the impacts of farming and manufacturing, and leading the transition to a low-carbon future
  • Community – support healthy sustainable livelihoods for our farmers, our people and for our communities in which we operate.

Some of the ways we’re making a tangible difference to a better future include:

  • Our 2018 submission to the Australian Senate Inquiry into the Obesity Epidemic to educate on dairy nutrition and the benefits it brings as a core food group
  • 11 years of partnering with Foodbank Australia
  • Our work with farmers to support innovative farm projects such as Rigney’s farm in Tasmania, where we’ve assisted in a trial to reintroduce dung beetles to improve soil health and reduce the need for fertilisers
  • Supporting our farmers to trial new water saving innovations – an important issue in Australia where farmers around the country have experienced the challenge of drought conditions.

To find out more about how we’re working toward a more sustainable future, you can read the full Sustainability Update for Fonterra Australia.