Code of Business Conduct and Policies

We're committed to the highest standards of corporate governance and management. Together we achieve this by having clear expectations and delivering on our commitments to do what's right, every day, everywhere across our Co-operative. 
The Way We Work (Code of Business Conduct)

The Way We Work – English

The Way We Work – Chinese

The Way We Work – Dutch


Disclosure Policy

Disclosure Standard

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Policy


Environmental Policy

Supplier Sustainability Code of Practice

Respect for Legitimate Land Tenure Rights

Respect for Legitimate Land Tenure Rights

Ethical Behaviour

Ethical Behaviour Policy

Health, Safety & Wellbeing 

Health, Safety & Wellbeing Policy


Nutrition Policy


Privacy Policy

Securities Trading 

Securities Trading Policy

Securities Trading Standard

Tax Principles

Tax Principles

Modern Slavery 

Modern Slavery Statement