Our Farmers

Our business starts with, and relies on, dairy farmers supplying high-quality raw milk to our sites located across Victoria and Tasmania.
We’re committed to partnering with our farmers for the long term. 

One of the ways we’re doing this is through Farm Source – an innovative and industry-leading package of tools and services to assist farmers in managing their business.

Farm Source provides greater levels of service, information, support, financial options, and discounts to help improve on-farm profitability and business management.

Farm Source is another way we are growing our partnership with our farmers. It’s all about using our scale to provide the level of service our farmers deserve so that we all benefit.

Farmers Representing Farmers

Fonterra Australia Suppliers Council (FASC) represents the interests of all suppliers in Victoria and Tasmania with a collective independent voice.

Acting on co-operative principles we have partnered with the FASC to develop a “modern day co-op” to deliver significant benefits and opportunities to suppliers.