Proud to be a Chef

We're supporting the culinary leaders of tomorrow.
We want to support the Australian foodservice sector through the recognition, professional development and ongoing support of today’s apprentices.


Every year we select a group of Australia’s most talented apprentice chefs to participate in our Proud to be a Chef  program. It’s part of our commitment to the foodservice industry and culinary standards in Australia.

Proud to be a Chef  is a diverse and fast-paced mentoring program led by inspirational, Australian masterchefs, and gives each finalist the chance to foster life-long relationships within the foodservice community.

The winning apprentice receives a culinary scholarship tailored to their personal interests and goals as a professional chef.

A life changing experience for 32 apprentice chefs

For the 20th-year, 32 apprentice chefs from all over Australia have participated in a truly life-changing experience – Fonterra’s Proud to be a Chef mentoring program.

Supporting the culinary leaders of tomorrow

Our Proud to Be a Chef program is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, and culinary apprentices from all over Australia will once again have the chance to participate in a life-changing experience.

2022 Proud to be a Chef Launch

Check out our launch reel.

Fonterra Proud to be a Chef program - Australia 1:15 min