In the Community

We’re doing good together

We're a major contributor to the communities in which we operate, both in terms of jobs created and investment in the community.
We believe it's important that we support our local communities - it's where our farmers live, and where our factories are. 

Since 2011, we’ve supported over 500 community groups and initiatives across Victoria and Tasmania.​

We’ve supported things like equipment to the Cobden Football and Netball Club, a new ultralight tanker for the Bostock Creek CFA, the running of the Stanhope Pool, and emergency relief packs for teens in Tasmania.​

With our manufacturing sites located in regional areas, we are also a large regional employer creating around 900 jobs.

We’ll listen, and understand our community issues, needs and what matters.

We’ll offer our skills, expertise and help to provide a positive contribution in the communities we are part of.  We'll form strong relationships that can deliver real value for the long term.

We might not have the answers, but we’ll learn together. It’s about offering a helping hand, not a handout. Working together, not apart. Being there when we need to be.

It’s about Doing Good Together.

Healthy People

We're working together to care for people and make a positive social impact:​

  • Addressing public health challenges
  • Provide positive employment for our people
  • Improve the health of our  communities

Healthy Environment

We're working together to achieve a healthy environment for farming and society​:

  • Improve the health and biodiversity of our land and waters
  • Lead the transition to a low-carbon  future
  • Meet the growing global nutritional demand

Healthy Business

We're working together to deliver a sustainable business​:

  • Support healthy sustainable livelihoods for our farmers
  • Build a strong dairy business
  • Meet the changing needs of customers and consumers

At the heart of our communities

We support a wide range of initiatives and projects throughout Victoria and Tasmania.  

See what we are doing:

The Stanhope Men's Shed
Bostocks Creek CFA
Western District Food Share
Merri River School

Get in touch

If you would like to request support for your community, reach out to us at

We're helping them, help others

Together, we do good things.

Rubber to the road

The Merri River School puts a big emphasis on bike education and road safety – now the students have ten new mountain bikes to ride around on.

Together, we’ve built something special

Each year our Stanhope site gives 50 trailer loads of material that gets upcycled into things for the community. The Shed has become a place of creativity, friendship, and support.

Together, we’re helping protect communities

The 2018 St. Patrick’s Day fires were devastating to the farmers and communities in western Victoria. The Bostocks Creek CFA was fundraising for a new vehicle, it only seemed right we made a contribution.