The Cream of the Crop


Waiting for cream to reduce is not something the Fonterra Foodservice team and customers ever have to worry about – and that’s a good thing when doing rapid fire cooking demonstrations at an expo attended by around 7000 industry people.

Anchor Food Professionals territory sales specialists Joshua Sweet and Adam Kaufman along with chef Scott Knue will be manning the Anchor Food Professionals’ stand at the International Pizza Expo, the world’s largest industry show which showcases pizza, pasta and Italian desserts. It’s being held in Las Vegas this week.

Joshua and Adam will be selling the virtues of Anchor Food Professionals’ revolutionary Chef’s Cooking Cream, with bowls of delicious and creamy Pasta Alfredo delivered up in 15 seconds as opposed to the standard 10-15 minutes that conventional cream takes to reduce down into a creamy sauce.

“By the time they’ve asked a question, it’s done,” adds Adam.

The secret is in the innovation developed by the Fonterra Research and Development Centre in Palmerston North. It has perfected a process of reducing cooking cream into a state where it’s simply ready to be heated, so has up to a 40 per cent better yield than conventional cream.



What does that mean?

That there’s little wastage compared with conventional cream which loses much of its weight during the cooking process as it reduces down.

The pizza expo is in its 33rd year and, despite its name, it’s not just about pizza. It’s about everything you’d find in an Italian Kitchen, which covers pizza, pasta and Italian desserts and is the largest food sector within foodservice, in the US, Australia and Brazil.

It’s one of the key areas that Fonterra’s Foodservice business is concentrating on, with its range of innovative cooking creams, extra stretch mozzarella and dessert whipping cream.

We showcase the speed, the convenience, the great taste and the value. You can literally pour it out of the box, it hits the pan and it is ready 15 seconds later. At most food shows we go to, that’s been the absolute ‘aha’ moment.

Joshua Sweet, Anchor Food Professionals territory sales specialist

As well as showcasing the Chef’s Cooking Cream, the team will be showing Anchor Food Professionals’ Extra Whip Whipping Cream at the expo which they are planning to launch later this year. This whipping cream is designed to give chefs and bakers up to 25 per cent more yield when whipped, as well as a light and creamy flavour. The team will be demonstrating how much better Anchor Food Professionals’ Extra Whip performs against conventional cream.

Having a booth at the expo helps Fonterra foodservice showcase its Anchor Food Professionals’ range in the valuable US and Brazil markets.

“We are working to break into the Italian Kitchen market in the US. We’ve had some success and this is the opportunity for real brand exposure,” says Fonterra’s Global Director Foodservice Grant Watson.  “You’ve got everyone from your big brand names down to your mom and pop restaurants so it’s our opportunity to get our name out there and get on people’s radars.

It’s the second year Fonterra has attended the pizza expo.