NZMP expands probiotics supplements range


With increasing awareness and demand for probiotic food and supplements, Fonterra's NZMP extends their line of products.

When you hear the word “bacteria”, what springs to mind? Germs? The flu...? How about your morning muesli, topped with a dollop of delicious yoghurt?

Benefits of probiotics – the good bacteria

If you only associate bacteria with the harmful kind, you’re not alone, but you might be surprised to learn that bacteria aren’t all bad. After all, your body’s teeming with them.

Bacteria (most of which reside in your gut) outnumber your body’s cells 10 to one.

Having healthy gut bacteria is essential to a healthy you and consuming the right types (called probiotics) is linked to all sorts of health benefits—improved digestion, enhanced immune system, and healthier skin. 

Probiotics supplements produced in NZ

According to the December 2018 New Nutrition Business survey, 77.6% of consumers think probiotics are good for digestion.

That’s why NZMP, our ingredients business, is expanding its probiotics range in America, tapping into the country’s booming health and wellness market.

Two probiotic strains[1] are now available as ready-to-mix beverage powders and dry supplements.

Sports and Active Lifestyle Director Komal Mistry-Mehta credits consumers’ increasing nutritional awareness for the growing demand for probiotics.

Consumers in the US lead the way, with our research finding that 42% of Americans believe they need more probiotics in their diets to support not only gut health but a range of health outcomes.

Komal Mistry-Mehta, Fonterra Sports and Active Lifestyle Director

Not only is the team exploring ways to launch in other markets, such as China, Japan, and Europe, but there’s also the potential for different food formats (think probiotic confectionary and bars).

With the probiotics retail F&B market estimated to be worth US$2.8 billion and the probiotics supplement market US$2.2 billion[2], it’s opening many new doors for NZMP.

1 Lactobacillus rhamnosus HN001 and Bifidobacterium animalis lactis HN019
2 Euromonitor Passport Database 2018


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