Dairy Nutrition

At Fonterra, we believe there’s so much goodness in milk that it’s like a true super food.

People around the world choose milk as a staple in their diet and dairy is recommended in dietary guidelines as part of healthy, balanced diets for optimal health.

We employ 350 nutritionists, scientists, researchers and engineers.

Why? Because it is packed with good nutrients that help people lead a healthy life.
We provide families with great nutrition through iconic brands like Anchor and Anmum.

The Fonterra Group Nutrition Policy sets out our high-level nutrition commitments to provide goodness for generations. In 2017, we launched the detailed Fonterra Food and Nutrition Guidelines. The guidelines set the nutrition criteria for our product composition and inform our marketing practices across all branded consumer products and ingredients that Fonterra manufactures.

The guidelines complement food standards and regulations, as well as our own education and advocacy activities to raise awareness of the value of dairy nutrition in healthy, balanced diets.

Adding further credibility to these guidelines, the New Zealand Nutrition Foundation has independently reviewed and endorsed them as evidence-based guidelines founded on robust nutritional science and reflecting international directives on nutrition and health. 

In line with our endorsed nutrition guidelines, we continue to improve the nutritional benefits of our products. 

We promote the use of beneficial ingredients that provide health benefits and we minimise those ingredients that may have a negative impact on health.

Our dairy nutrition criteria define minimums for dairy protein and micronutrient content. We are also minimising the addition of added sugars and refined carbohydrates to less than 2% of the total daily energy requirements per serve. We have developed targets for our global consumer portfolio against these criteria and we assess and report our performance in the annual Fonterra Sustainability Report.

Our nutrition guidelines provide limits for sodium, in line with internationally accepted health guidelines and directives, as well as limits for fat, reflecting the natural composition of dairy. For products promoted for everyday consumption, we aim to provide reasonable serving sizes suitable for the occasion, in line with dietary guidelines. We provide our consumers with a choice of products and a variety of portion sizes to meet their nutrition requirements.

Fonterra supports the global public health objective to reduce the intake of industrially-produced trans fats from partially hydrogenated oils, which is also reflected in our nutrition guidelines.


Nutrition Policy


Fonterra’s Nutrition Guidelines

Our medium-term targets


75% product portfolio meeting endorsed nutrition guidelines.


100% product portfolio meeting endorsed nutrition guidelines.