Takaka stormwater system upgraded 


As part of our Co-op’s efforts to invest in resource-efficient manufacturing plants, a number of our sites are undertaking improvement work. 

Our Takaka site in Golden Bay is getting an upgrade to the stormwater system at the site, meeting leading industry standards. The new system includes installation of a ‘Stormwater360’ stormwater filter system. 


“The Stormwater360 is a state-of-the-art system that has been refined with over two decades of research and experience, with proven performance to purify the water that we put back to land and water,” says Upper South Island Environmental Manager Emily MacDonald.

“This project shows how we’re embracing technology to make progress in our stormwater treatment processes.”

All stormwater from the site will be directed to the Stormwater360 for treatment and filtering before it is put back to land or water. It follows a comprehensive review undertaken by our Co-op last year, which showed an upgrade was needed.

“We’re working to have the new system up and running by the end of this year. It’s a real team effort and we’re looking forward to becoming the Co-op’s first site to have one of these installed,” said Emily.  

Finding solutions which ensure our operations have good environmental outcomes is crucial for our Co-operative. We have put a programme in place, aimed at putting Fonterra at the forefront of global industry water standards by 2026.

Our factories are dependent on water. It’s needed to clean our plants and it ensures we meet the high food safety and quality standards our customers and consumers expect from us. Our goal is to use water efficiently in everything we do, which in turn will minimise our environmental impact.