• Sustainability is Key

Sustainability is Key

We’re committed to producing dairy nutrition in a way that cares for people, animals and our environment, and brings value to our communities.

Our New Zealand farmers are already among the most efficient in the world with an on-farm carbon footprint approximately one-third of the global average. But we’re not stopping there. We know we have the opportunity, and the responsibility, to influence for good and make a difference for New Zealand and the world.

We aspire to be Net Zero carbon by 2050 and are investing around $1 billion in sustainability initiatives over the next eight years. We’re upgrading our core manufacturing assets to decarbonise our footprint and improve water use and quality, as well as doubling our innovation efforts to look for solutions to solving the methane challenge. 

Land and Water

Healthy freshwater, soil and ecosystems are essential to the long-term success of our business, farmers’ businesses, and to communities.


Animal Welfare

Cows are the heart of every dairy farm, and their wellbeing is of paramount importance to us.

Farm Environment Plans

Prioritising on-farm improvements with Farm Environment Plans. In New Zealand, helping our farmer owners establish a Farm Environment Plan (FEP) is our top priority. Each FEP is unique to the farm, identifying areas of existing strength and prioritising improvement actions.

Caring for our Waterways

Check out one of the ways our Farmers are caring for our waterways.

Land Health

See one way farmers are looking after the land for future generations.

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