Livestreaming at baby show attracts 10 million viewers


When Director Paediatrics, Susan Reelick, agreed to an online briefing at the Shanghai Children, Baby, Maternity Expo (CBME), she was surprised to learn that 10 million people would be listening in.

Susan was invited to have an online chat with one of China’s most influential mother bloggers, Crystal Zhang.

Her blog has more than 16 million followers online and her followers are always looking out for the products she recommends.

Susan was at the CBME to support one of our biggest paediatric customers, Hainan Govking, under the Goldmax Love brand. Fonterra is the manufacturer of this finished product, and the product is sold and distributed in over 4,000 stores.

Govking has been working to expand distribution, targeting an additional 3,000 stores, some of which are the leading Mother & Baby Stores in China.   

Susan says key amongst our selling points to both the retailers and the consumers is the New Zealand provenance.

Ms Zhang had talked a lot about the product but also wanted to know about where the product came from, so it was great to be able to use all my time talking about Fonterra farmers and our pasture-based farming.

Susan Reelick, Fonterra Director of Paediatrics

“I explained that we are a co-operative in New Zealand owned by 10,000 farming families and that we have the ideal climate for growing grass and that our cows roam freely in paddocks eating fresh green grass.

“The other big thing I talked about, was how our farmers are always looking to embrace new ideas and advances in technology, and that they are seen as the world’s best in dairy quality, safety and animal welfare,” she says.

Susan added that the online listeners also wanted to be reassured that our New Zealand processing sites are all Government certified, and that we had the best quality and safety systems to meet the regulations and customer requirements.

Held annually in Shanghai, CBME (Children, Baby, Maternity Expo) China is the world’s largest trade fair for child, baby and maternity products & services. It brings together buyers, manufacturers, distributors and suppliers in the industry from all over the world including: 3,600 exhibitors, 4,900 brands, and over 110,000 visitors.