Introducing Tiaki, our Sustainable Dairying Programme


We support the work our farmers are doing to improve on farm sustainability through our Tiaki Sustainable Dairying Programme. 

The programme supports farmers in proactively staying ahead of regulatory requirements while also satisfying evolving consumer and market expectations. 

Tiaki means to look after, to guard, care for, keep and nurture and the programme builds on the work we’ve been doing over the last 13 years through our sustainable dairying programme.

General Manager Sustainable Dairying Charlotte Rutherford says more and more the environmental impact of a food source is of concern to consumers.

“Our farmers are doing some great work on their farms and we’re committed to supporting them as they continue to manage and maintain our environment for generations to come.

“We know every region and in fact every farm is different and so it’s important we recognise this in the support we give.

Through the Tiaki programme farmers can access support in a number of areas. These are:

·         Farm Environment Plans

·         Consent support

·         Nutrient budgets

·         Nitrogen reports

·         Farm mapping

·         Catchment group management

·         Living Water

·         Riparian management plans

·         Effluent management

·         Dairy effluent storage calculation

·         Water use efficiency

·         Access to industry networks and contacts

·         Industry scheme

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