Using technology to give farmers an eye in the sky


Is there anything technology can’t do? It seems everyday something new pops up that makes our lives easier… and now one Taranaki dairy farmer has taken this to new heights, using a drone to get his cows in.

Hayden Fowles says it’s not just about getting the herd to the shed quicker, the drone also helps him keep his cows healthy.

“It gives me another pair of eyes. I can check for lameness and anything that might appear a bit odd sooner than I would if I was on foot or bike.”

Not only is the drone helping to keep his cows healthy, it’s also helping to improve his on-farm health and safety.

"It means a lot less time on and off the bike and I don't need to go on to the steeper land.”

Hayden, who farms 12km south of New Plymouth, has been using the technology for three months now and is already looking at other ways the drone could help. 

“I’m hoping to use it during calving to monitor my herd.”

Check out his drone footage below.

Hayden Fowles - Drones and Cows