Do you know your protein?


Fonterra surveyed New Zealanders about what they know about the importance of protein - with surprising results. Fonterra nutritionist Mindy Wigzell featured on TV Three’s The Café talking to Mel Homer about the results, and the protein benefits of dairy.

How Much Protein New Zealanders Should Be Having

A survey has found almost 90% of New Zealanders don't know how much protein they should have.

Dairy is a really convenient source of protein and it might have even more of the good stuff than you think!  We asked over 1,000 New Zealanders to rank the protein content of some common foods from highest to lowest.  Overall, survey respondents believed an egg, or ½ a cup of lentils, has more protein than 50g of cheddar cheese, 50g of camembert, or a glass of milk - but actually these three dairy foods contain slightly more protein!  For optimal health, protein’s best consumed throughout the day, so popping a scoop of yoghurt on your muesli, having a latte for morning tea and some slices of cheese for afternoon tea are all easy ways to spread your protein intake throughout your day.