Living Water and Fonterra Farmers help give more Kiwi a safe haven


Two more kiwi have found a safe haven in Northland thanks,in part, to a group of Fonterra farmers and Fonterra’s Living Water partnership with the Department of Conservation.

The two birds, Geoff and Charlie, were transferred from Limestone Island near Whangarei to the Tanekaha Community Pest Control Area last weekend to join 12 others released there about a year ago.

Photo credit: Malcom Pullman and Joanna Wilson

Fonterra farmers have worked for years to rid stoats and other predators from the area, work that has been part-funded in over the past two years by the Living Water partnership.

Living Water North Island Programme Lead Tim Brandenburg says it’s great to help local farmers doing their bit for the environment.

“The Tanekaha farmers live and work in one of the five Living Water catchments where we’re   working to show that sustainable dairying and healthy ecosystems can exist side by side.”

“The work these farmers are doing to control predators that kill kiwi is a great example of the conservation work Living Water supports in our five catchments, which are spread from Northland to Southland.”