How to market your home bakery business?

You know your baking skills are good when your family and friends rave about your cakes and pastries.

Now you are all hyped up to sell your baked goodies.

But before you get ahead of yourself with visions of a roaring bakery business ahead, you need clientele and we’re not talking about just friends and relatives.

So how do you find customers?

While getting the word out on social media is essential, there is no quick route to an immediate successful business, just like there is no one ingredient to a perfect cake.

Still, having a social media marketing strategy is vital for your venture, but many business owners don’t know where to start.

If you as a prospective entrepreneur have such uncertainty, then the Steal My Branding Process webinar (March 15, 2023 8pm-10pm) is for you.

Open to all business owners and free, the topics of the webinar are:> Segment 1: Branding for F&B Businesses

> Segment 2: Social Media Content as a Marketing Tool

> Segment 3: Food Photography from Home

In the two-hour webinar, participants can gain insights on social media trends and behaviour and hear from business owners who will relate their startup experiences.

Participants will have the opportunity to deep dive into marketing and branding, with tips and tricks from Kula Cakes founder Farisha Mazlan and co-founder Wan Aman Wan Isyak, Cake Jalan Tiung co-founder Hidzad Lahuree and Elina Gives Studio co-founder Elina Nasution.

Take this opportunity to ask everything you need to know about business growth at the end of the sharing session as the speakers will be accepting questions from participants.

The Steal My Branding Process webinar is an extension of the Start Up programme – an online learning platform by Kuali and Anchor Food Professionals that is tailored to empower small, micro and home bakers with the knowledge to upskill their baking and upscale their bakery business.

Signing up for the webinar and gaining access to the Steal My Branding guidelines PDF document is free.

On top of that, those who join the webinar will stand a chance to win RM1,000 worth of Grab vouchers.

Click here to register for the webinar.