Addressing Pregnant Women's Concerns About Excessive Weight Gain, Anmum Lite is Launched with Complete Nutrition and Lower Fat

·        According to Maternal Nutrition Southeast Asia Regional Report 2021 on Maternal Nutrition and Complementary Feeding, Indonesia recorded the highest maternal overweight (overweight in pregnant and postpartum women) among six other countries in Southeast Asia[1].

·        Helping to manage and maintain a healthy weight for pregnant women, Anmum launched Anmum Lite: the first pregnancy milk in Indonesia with complete nutrition and 25% lower fat.

[1] UNICEF, 2021. Maternal Nutrition Southeast Asia Regional Report on Maternal Nutrition and Complementary Feeding

Jakarta, 9 March 2023 – Today, Anmum, a pregnancy milk by PT Fonterra Brands Manufacturing Indonesia, introduces Anmum Lite, Indonesia’s first low-fat pregnancy milk. Anmum Lite is formulated to answer the needs of pregnant women, especially in urban areas, for pregnancy milk with complete nutrition, lower fat, and no added sugar that supports a healthy pregnancy for the mother and the baby.

The innovation is needed as the 2021 Maternal Nutrition Southeast Asia Regional Report data on Maternal Nutrition and Complementary Food revealed that Indonesia is the country with the highest maternal overweight rate among six other countries in Southeast Asia. “During pregnancy, the mother's body requires a higher amount of certain macro and micronutrients than usual, such as protein, iron, zinc, folic acid, calcium, and other vitamins. Healthy weight gain and proper nutrition are needed for a healthy pregnancy. However, increasing the quantity of food consumption without paying attention to the right type of nutrition can contribute to excessive weight gain. This condition can pose risks to the mother's health, such as the risk of gestational diabetes, high blood pressure, and preeclampsia." explained the obstetrician and gynaecologist dr. Boy Abidin, SpOG(K)-FER.

Unfulfilled nutrition during pregnancy also poses risks to the fetus, including growth and development disorders after birth or stunting. Stunting prevention needs to be done from the first 1,000 days of life – starting from the beginning of pregnancy. The Indonesian Government also continues to drive the fulfillment of balanced nutrition during pregnancy to reduce stunting rates in Indonesia. The high maternal overweight and the need for stunting prevention can be answered by consuming proper food among pregnant women. One of the ways to achieve total nutritional intake is by drinking special milk for pregnant women, which is lower in fat.

Talking more deeply about the preferences of pregnant women, in a study conducted by an independent research institute between 2021-2022 on 600 pregnant women aged 20-40 years in 9 big cities in Indonesia, it was found that the aspect of "does not add to my pregnancy weight" is one of the five main concerns for pregnant women when choosing pregnancy milk. These findings indicate that pregnant women in Indonesia are starting to realize the need to maintain a healthy body weight while ensuring that the necessary nutrition is met.

To address this need, Anmum introduced the first low-fat pregnancy milk in Indonesia. Anmum Lite contains complete nutrition with 25% lower fat content, no added sugar, with only 100 kcal per serving. Anmum Lite is completed with pregnancy nutrition that mothers need, namely 8 macro and micronutrients, including energy, protein, folic acid, iron, iodine, calcium, dietary fiber, and zinc, to achieve a healthy pregnancy. Fulfillment of these nutritional variations supports the eight (8) signs of a healthy pregnancy, the development of the fetal brain, the growth of fetal cells, the presence of good muscle function, digestive function, immune function, energy metabolism, bone and tooth density, as well as no occurrence of anemia.

"With 21 years of experience answering the nutritional needs of mothers and children, senior researchers made up of nutritionists and food technologists at the Fonterra research center developed Anmum Lite, fortified milk with 25% lower fat, no added sugar, with only 100 kcal per glass, and completed with 8 essential nutrients for pregnancy. Drinking two glasses of Anmum Lite a day is nutritionally equivalent to consuming 1 serving of balanced nutritional supplementary food for pregnant women with a lower fat content. Anmum Lite can also be enjoyed on various occasions, for example, as a snack companion with other healthy and nutritious dishes," said Haryadi Raharjo, Scientific & Nutrition Manager, Fonterra Brands Indonesia.

In addition to complete nutritional content, Anmum Lite comes in a delicious premium chocolate flavor, as the balance of sweet and savory flavors is suitable to prevent nausea in pregnant mothers. “Pregnant women's concern about consuming dairy products usually relates to how the product may induce nausea. However, Anmum Lite, with its premium chocolate flavor, tastes good and fits right in that it can even be used as a companion for snacking, for example, by making it into Chocolate Banana Smoothies,” said Kesha Ratuliu, an actress currently pregnant with her second child.

To achieve a healthy pregnancy, pregnant women should do light exercises such as yoga and senam (aerobic dance) while maintaining a balanced diet. "The balanced nutritional cone from the Ministry of Health, which has mapped out the ideal portions of diverse food types, can be the best reference in managing the right diet during pregnancy. The key is the variety and amount of food consumed and physical activities suitable to one’s body condition. Consumption of food and drink is not about quantity but rather quality. Combining food with pregnancy milk can be a solution for pregnant women who want to fulfill complete nutrition but have difficulty meeting their intake from staple foods due to nausea and other challenges. Pregnancy milk can be an option in ensuring that the nutritional needs of pregnant women and their babies are met,” added dr. Boy Abidin, SpOG(K)-FER.

Anmum Lite is now available in boxes of 180 grams and 360 grams which can be found in the nearest supermarkets and minimarkets throughout Indonesia. This product is also available online by visiting the Fonterra Official Store at Tokopedia, Shopee, and Lazada.