Efficiency key for new plants


With peak now in full swing, new plants around the country are bringing ever increasing efficiency to help us successfully manage another big peak season.

Managing Director Global Operations Robert Spurway says by cutting time and cost out of processing, our expansions at Pahiatua and Edendale will deliver more value when our products get to market.

“In past seasons our plants have been under a lot of pressure to process every drop of milk.

“New dryers such as the one at Pahiatua are already extremely efficient by design and, with our experienced staff and good processes in place, we’ll be able to drive costs further down and increase the yield from every drop of milk,” says Robert.

“With this new dryer and the three new plants at Edendale coming online, we’ll have a bit more wiggle room in terms of our processing capacity this season. That will mean we can be more demand driven and more agile in meeting the needs of our customers.”

Also coming online during the off-season was the new Clandeboye mozzarella plant, one of a number of plants supplying our well-performing consumer and foodservice business.

Making sure we’re collecting every drop of milk on time and getting it to its intended destination remains top of mind at all times. 

“We’re constantly reviewing farm collections throughout the season, making sure we’ve got the right number of tankers on the road to keep pace with the changing milk volumes,” says Robert. 

“We know it’s a busy time of year for our farmers so we’ll be doing everything we can to make sure their milk gets collected on time, every time.”