Summer nights under the stars teach Darfield kids valuable lessons


As most of us already know it’s been a hot summer, with temperatures above normal for many parts of the country. One place where they are making the most of the hot weather is the Canterbury town of Darfield where the community’s Scout group has been spending nights under the stars. 

The purchase of new tents and camping equipment has allowed the 28 boys in the group to get out and explore the surrounding area.

Scout leader Rhonda Booth says camping teaches the boys leadership and teamwork and that there’s more to life than just technology. 

“The group means everything to the boys and it’s different to every other activity they do. A lot of the kids wouldn’t normally get the chance to go tramping or camping so it makes us feel really good to see them outdoors learning and having fun.”

The new equipment was purchased with help from the Fonterra Grass Roots Fund and has allowed the group to go on more overnight journeys. Rhonda says previously the group only had old canvas tents which were too heavy to carry long distances.

“We’ve been on two overnight trips so far and they have both been a big success, everyone had a great time.” 

Fonterra Grass Roots Manager Kane Silcock says the fund helps groups, like the Darfield Scouts, which enrich lives and bring communities together.

“It’s our way of giving back to the people of New Zealand and helping out those who help out our communities.”

The Darfield Scouts have been running since 1960 and thanks to the new gear the group is looking forward to exploring Banks Peninsula and the foothills and beaches near their hometown.