Why this Friday the 13th isn’t black


Diversity in the work place is important to Fonterra, which is why we’re proud to have been awarded the Rainbow Tick. 

The tick is achieved by demonstrating inclusivity of the LGBTTI+ community in the areas of employee training, employee engagement and support, external engagement and monitoring.

In receiving the award Managing Director of Co-operative Affairs Mike Cronin says diversity in the work place plays an important role in future of the Co-op.

Having the Rainbow Tick helps us to reflect the communities in which we operate and makes sure our work place is an accepting one.

Mike Cronin, Managing Director of Co-operative Affairs

“Our people are our key to long-term success and making sure they can bring their true selves to work is crucial to this. Not only is the Rainbow Tick good for our people, it’s good for our business.

“We know that when we embrace different perspectives, we’re more innovative, make better decisions, and improve performance. There’s also a growing body of research indicating that diverse and inclusive teams outperform their peers.”

The Rainbow Tick is awarded for a 12-month period with assessments taking place on an annual basis.