As a global dairy co-operative, we believe we’re accountable for supporting the communities where we live, work and farm around the world.

For 20 years we’ve been working to help uplift the local dairy industry and in 2014 launched our pioneering dairy development programme.

We’ll listen, and understand our community issues, needs and what matters.

We’ll offer our skills, expertise and help to provide a positive contributions in the communities we are part of. And, we will form strong relationships that can deliver real value for the long term.

We might not have the answers, but we’ll learn together. It’s about offering a helping hand, not a handout. Working together, not apart. Being there when we need to be.

It’s about Doing Good Together.

Healthy People

We’re focusing on enriching livelihoods in dairy communities through sustainable long-term initiatives.

Healthy Environment

Uplifting the lives of our dairy community by way of investments in water & sanitation, community engagement initiatives and school library projects

  • Grass Roots Fund

Healthy Business

We support Sri Lankan dairy farmers by sharing our international dairy expertise and providing them with training and education.

  • Fonterra Dairy Hub - Pannala

At the heart of the community

Through our pioneering dairy development programme, we’re creating prosperous, happier dairy communities. 

We have worked towards providing sustainable solutions covering local processing and infrastructure upgrades, farmer training and development and grass roots community initiatives.

Supporting national high-performance athletes
Anchor continues to empower talented students through Abiman Varam program
Uplifting smallholder dairy farmers
Distributing value bundles to boost farmers productivity