As a leading global nutrition company from New Zealand, we are committed to making Sri Lanka a healthier and happier nation.

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We believe in the power of dairy to make a difference and to help build a healthier and happier nation.

As one of the largest FMCG companies in Sri Lanka, we have a trusted portfolio of brands and have a 20 year history in the local dairy industry.

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Latest news from Fonterra

Anchor joins hands with Sports Ministry to support national high-performance athletes

Recognizing that wholesome nutrition is instrumental to develop internationally-competitive sportsmen and women, Anchor joined hands with the Ministry of Sports to nourish high-performance athletes who aspire to represent Sri Lanka on a global stage.

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Fonterra enables access to high-nutrition Mineral Mix packs  to uplift smallholder dairy farm productivity  

In a move to help its smallholder dairy farmers improve dairy cattle health and increase milk yield, Fonterra Brands Lanka has enabled sustained market access to high-nutrition minerals mix packs.

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Fonterra distributes value bundle to boost farmers’ productivity

Fonterra Brands Lanka has actioned a programme to provide free access to 3 critical inputs – quality fodder, specially-formulated Minerals Mix packs and mechanised equipment to its smallholder dairy farmers in a drive to elevate on-farm productivity and yield.

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