Customers rave about Anchor Food Professionals at Pizza Expo in Las Vegas


For Adam Kaufman and Joshua Sweet the best thing about exhibiting at the recent International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas was hearing customers tell them how important Fonterra and the Anchor brand is to them in their respective countries.

The two Fonterra US territory sales specialists, and chef Scott Knue, spent three days manning the Anchor Food Professionals’ stand at the world’s largest industry show which showcases pizza, pasta and Italian desserts, and is attended by around 7000 industry people.

The three did rapid-fire cooking demonstrations delivering up bowls of delicious and creamy pasta, and introducing many in the industry to the foodservice Anchor Food Professionals’ range, in particular Anchor Chef’s Cooking Cream used in pasta sauces.

The revolutionary Anchor Chef’s Cooking Cream can cook a sauce in less than 20 seconds compared with the standard 10-15 minutes that conventional cream takes to reduce down into a creamy sauce.


"There were two things that really stood out in my mind over the last few days of working our booth at the expo", said Adam Kaufman, “The first was the absolute excitement on the faces of our international customers that visited our booth during the show.  People from Mexico, Puerto Rico, China, Brazil, Australia, and more, that came to our booth just to let us know how important our company is to them in their respective countries.

They love our products, and it was clearly obvious that we really do have amazing brand recognition across the globe, and it is a recognition that comes with only positive attributes. In many parts of the world, getting quality dairy products is challenging. Customers were very excited to see our Fonterra /Anchor booth because they know that our company supplies them with high-quality, consistent and reliable healthy products that they may otherwise not be able to receive. I heard a few customers call us ‘the best’.

Adam Kaufman, Fonterra US territory sales specialists

The US is recognised as a key market for the Anchor Food Professionals foodservice brand.

“It was great to show restaurant owners and chefs from the US, who have never seen our products before, what they can do.

“They were all very impressed with how quickly we were able to make them a Pasta Alfredo or Pesto sauce using the Anchor Chef’s Cooking Cream. They were very surprised about how well it coated the pasta and how good it tasted when we served it to them. People were also very surprised to hear that the shelf-stable cream was made of all natural ingredients with no preservatives added.”

The team will now work through the leads they received to drive new business, everything from small ‘mom and pop’ restaurants to an Italian restaurant chain.