Milk Nutrients as The Important Ammunition While Ramadan Fasting


Anlene Gold 5X and Anlene Activit 3X with HI ZEnC to Help Indonesians Maintain a Healthy, Balanced Diet throughout the Fasting Month.

Jakarta, March 31, 2022 – The Home Affairs Ministry (Kemendagri) recorded 237.53 million Muslims living in Indonesia as of December 31st, 2021, accounting for 87% of the country’s total population, who will be fasting during Ramadan. Throughout this month, people are more likely to have higher consumption of food containing high amount of sugar, fat, and calorie, with some giving lesser attention to protein, calcium, and other important micronutrients. If left unchecked, this unhealthy diet can heighten the risk of non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, hyperglycemia, hypertension, and osteoporosis.

It is very important to maintain a balanced diet during the fasting month through the consumption of healthy foods and milk products, such as Anlene Gold 5X and Anlene Activit 3X with HI ZEnC that contain low amounts of fat, but high in protein, calcium, and collagen.

Dr. dr. Fiastuti Witjaksono MSc, MS, Sp.GK, Clinical Nutrition Specialist said, “Fasting is beneficial for our health as it can stabilize our blood sugar, cholesterol, ensure a regular heart rate, help lose weight, lower systolic hypertension by 6-10% and diastolic hypertension by 4-10%, and other health benefits.

However, our body will adapt and change due to reduced nutritional intake during the 12-hour fasting. The body will be hungrier, thirstier, more lethargic, lacking of energy, endurance, and may lead to constipation. Such a condition often pushes people to break their fast with foods containing high amounts of sugar and fat, which can lead to rising levels of LDL cholesterol after Ramadan ends, and potentially further increasing the risk of other non-communicable diseases, too."

dr. Fiastuti Witjaksono continued, “During the fasting month, our eating habits will change. It is very important to ensure a sufficient nutritional intake during suhoor and iftar to fuel the body for our daily activities. We get energy from nutritious food and milk. Milk contains carbohydrates (lactose), protein, and healthy fat and mineral. These nutrients are good for the body. Nutritious food and milk can help people fast while staying energized throughout the day and giving them health benefits.”

Haryadi Raharjo, STP., MSc., Scientific and Nutrition Fonterra Brands Indonesia said, “Milk is nutrient-dense, provides energy for the body, and very important for fasting. Anlene Gold 5X and Anlene Activit 3X are milk products with low fat, high protein, calcium, and collagen, fortified with HI ZEnC to strengthen the immune system.

Anlene Gold 5X and Anlene Activit 3X are nutrient-dense milk products, important fuels for the body for Ramadan fasting, and helps provide energy, maintain bone density, joint flexibility, muscle strength, immune system, and keeps the body active. Anlene Gold 5X and Anlene Activit 3X with HI ZenC also contain protein to minimize the decline in musculoskeletal function (bones, muscles, and joints) due to aging.”

Tike Priatnakusumah, Health Enthusiast said, "During the Ramadan fasting, I maintain my standard diet in the family, ensuring complete nutrition following the “Isi Piringku” recommendations , starting with having enough carbohydrate, protein, vegetable, fruit, and milk, while avoiding imbalanced diet. My family and I are still allowed to enjoy sweet desserts or fat-dense foods when breaking the fast, but they are served in carefully-maintained, smaller portions to maintain a good diet as part of a healthy lifestyle and to prevent non-communicable diseases such as high cholesterol, gout, diabetes, and others. To maintain a nutritional balance, especially during the Ramadan fasting, milk is the mainstay of our family. I always drink a glass of Anlene Gold 5X every suhoor and when I break my fast to refuel my body to  keep myself active and productive during Ramadan.”

"Besides providing good nutrients for the body during the Ramadan fasting, "Anlene Actifit 3X and Anlene Gold 5X are rich in Hi ZEnC and contain other nutrients to keep a healthy body. Anlene Activit 3X includes calcium to improve bone density, 100mg/serving collagen + high Vitamin C for to form and maintain collagen for joint flexibility, protein + high Vitamin B6 for energy metabolism and tissue formation contained. Anlene Gold 5X is further enriched with potassium, folic acid, and extra B12 vitamin to help maintain a healthy blood pressure and circulation. It also contains 0.4% oats to maintain a healthy cholesterol level, doesn’t have added sugar, and is low-fat to help limit your sugar and fat intake as recommended in the 2014 Balanced Nutrition Guideline issued by the Health Ministry,” said Haryadi Raharjo.