Anmum™ Lacta supports mothers returning to work by setting up lactation rooms in companies


Kuala Lumpur, 12 January 2017 – Today, Anmum™ Lacta unveiled the first fully-equipped lactation room at Talent Corporation Malaysia Berhad (TalentCorp)

– as part of a nation-wide MummyTime campaign aimed at easing the transition for mothers going back to work after childbirth. TalentCorp is the first of six companies in Klang which will be equipped with the Anmum™ Lacta lactation room, with another five companies to follow suit within this year.

The initiative comes on the back of Anmum™ Lacta’s MummyTime Survey – which was conducted on over 360 Malaysian mums to gather insights on how to help them better transition back to work after birth. According to the findings, only 1 in 4 mothers currently have a lactation room facility provided in their workplace.

Anmum™ Lacta unveils the first fully-equipped lactation room at Talent Corporation Malaysia Berhad (TalentCorp).

The objective of MummyTime campaign is to provide the necessary physical and nutritional support every lactating mum needs via a sanctuary so they can perform their duties as a mother in a pleasant, comfortable and relaxing space.

Marketing Manager of Fonterra Brands Malaysia, Irene Cheah said the Anmum™ Lacta MummyTime campaign helps support mums throughout their motherhood journeys by ensuring they are better equipped to negotiate the conflicting demands between work and home.

“As a working mom myself, it was not easy for me to come back to work after maternity leave. While I was one of the lucky few who did have facilities and support provided to me, we found in our survey results that there are many mums who do not. Through this pioneering effort, we hope to encourage more companies in Malaysia to extend this same benefit to their female employees in an effort to retain them in the workforce,” said Ms Cheah.

“Thanks to the great support and expertise from TalentCorp, we were able to identify five companies in different industries where retention and increment of female labour participation is most crucial. We will support these companies to build fully-equipped lactation rooms as the next phase of our campaign, so that more working moms can benefit from the facility,” she added.

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“We are pleased to support Anmum™ Lacta’s efforts to help mothers transition back to the workplace after childbirth. It is aligned with our work to attract and retain women in the workforce by encouraging employers to create a parent-friendly environment so women can have better balance between their work and family responsibilities. We are glad that Anmum™ Lacta has joined us in taking this crucial step towards driving these efforts,” said Shareen Shariza Dato’ Abdul Ghani, Chief Executive Officer of TalentCorp.

The Anmum™ Lacta Lactation Rooms are carefully designed to provide mothers with a safe, private and relaxing environment which is conducive for optimal breast milk production. Each facility is also equipped with a nutrition guide and reading materials to support mothers through the many changes and challenges of motherhood.

Throughout their lactating period, a lactating mum will require more energy and nutrients to restore her post-natal stores. To meet these nutritional demands, all lactating mums in these five companies, will each receive a Welcome Tool Kit which includes a pack of Anmum™ Lacta for their personal consumption. Additionally, each mum will also be able to purchase Anmum™ Lacta at a discounted rate from With this added care and support, mothers can be better equipped to manage their responsibilities at home and at work.

Armed with the knowledge that there are many mums who struggle with not having proper lactation rooms in their workplaces, Anmum™ Lacta now invites more companies and working mothers to join forces and rally for similar facilities to be set up in their offices.

As the next phase of the MummyTime Campaign, Anmum™ Lacta is providing a 12-month supply of Anmum™ Lacta to the first 50 companies who meet the set criteria that write into or call 1800-88-3122 with their requests.

In addition to this, companies will also be provided the guidance to set up their own lactation rooms by Anmum™ Lacta, based on their experience throughout this campaign. 

“Through the MummyTime Campaign, we sincerely hope that with our combined efforts together with the support of all working mums, we are able to see a positive change in the support given by employers to the working mothers in their employment. By helping companies set up proper facilities as well as providing other forms of support, mums can have an easier transition back into the workforce,” said Ms Cheah.