Solar panel installation at Susumas powder plant 


In line with one of our Good Together pillars - Healthy Environment, we emphasize on our care for environment through genuine connection with our people and consumers. 

We are committed both on and off farm and demonstrate actions we’re taking to meet these commitments.

One of which is the installation of rooftop solar panel at our powder plant, Susumas to help reduce carbon footprints.

With the installation of 559 kWh rooftop solar power generation system placed in Susumas in September 2020, we’ve been able to reduce carbon emission by 18% equivalent to 526 MT carbon dioxide emission per annum.

About 80% of total roof is protected from direct sunlight by the panels which leads to lesser air conditioning load with lower building temperature.

This initiative has translated to a total energy savings of NZD100k annually.


"As a responsible organisation, we take sustainability seriously. The earth's climate is changing, and people expect their food to be produced in a way that cares for the environment. Apart from the solar panel installation, we are also on the journey to make all our packaging recyclable by 2030"


Fonterra remains committed in caring for the environment as it continues to build a genuine connection with people through commitments on and off farm and demonstrating Good Together in everything that it does.