We’re doing good together.

Our Co-operative was created through a community of people working together to help each other - it’s our back bone, it’s who we are, it’s where we come from and it’s what we do.

We support the local communities where we operate and share our world-class dairying expertise to make a positive difference.

We’ll listen, and understand our community issues, needs and what matters.

We’ll offer our skills, expertise and help to provide a positive contributions in the communities we are part of. And, we will form strong relationships that can deliver real value for the long term.

We might not have the answers, but we’ll learn together. It’s about offering a helping hand, not a handout. Working together, not apart. Being there when we need to be.

It’s about Doing Good Together.

Healthy People

Leveraging our unique strengths in nutrition to care for people in our communities:​

  • Eat Well with Fonterra 
  • Employee Wellness

Healthy Environment

Working together to achieve a healthy environment by addressing land, water and climate issues​:

  • Solar Panels in our Malaysian factory 
  • Harvesting Rainwater in Indonesia

Healthy Business

Working together to deliver economic opportunity by supporting communities and leveraging opportunities that enhance regional economic prosperity​:

  • School Milk Programmes
  • Dairy Development Program

At the heart of our communities

We believe in affordable nutrition and support a wide range of community initiatives & projects throughout Southeast Asia See what we're doing below:

Eat Well with Fonterra
Community Pantries in Manilla
Caring for Mums in Vietnam
Fonterra Dairy Scholarship Indonesia

Doing what’s right

We’re committed to producing dairy nutrition in a way that cares for people, animals and our environment, and brings value to our communities.  

The targets we’ve set, and the work we’re doing to achieve those targets, underline how we’re working towards being sustainable in everything we do, from farm to consumer.


Our Sustainability Report shows the progress we’re making towards our environmental, social, and economic targets.