Anlene, together with the Indonesian Society for Recreational Sports Federation (FORMI), Promotes GERMAS Programthrough ‘Senam Kebugaran dan Jalan Santai’ Event

As part of Fonterra Brands Indonesia’s commitment, through Anlene, to inspire Indonesians to live a healthy and active lifestyles

Palembang, 29 September 2019 – Today, AnleneTM, Fonterra Brands Indonesia’s flagship brand, together with the Indonesian Society for Recreational Sports Federation (FORMI), held the ‘Jalan Santai dan Lomba Senam Aerobik’ event at Opi Mall Jakabaring, Palembang to celebrate National Sports Day.

The event is part of the ‘Ayo Indonesia Bergerak’ campaign series which involves at least 3,000 participants and aims to promote the government-initiated GERMAS program.

Rhesya Agustine, Marketing Manager Anlene, PT Fonterra Brands Indonesia, said, “According to the 2018 Basic Health Research (Riskesdas), 33.5% of Indonesians are inactive or have limited physical activity in their daily lifestyles, an increase from 26.1% in 2013.

A lack of exercise can lead to a greater risk of non-communicable diseases such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and cancers. Regular physical activity is proven to help prevent and treat these diseases, and the government has been encouraging Indonesians to be active through its GERMAS program.”

Rhesya Agustine added, “As part of our commitment to inspire and encourage Indonesians to maintain active lifestyles, Anlene, is holding the ‘Ayo Indonesia Bergerak’ campaign, an initiative which aims to help people fight sedentary lifestyles by being physically active and keeping their bones, joints and muscles strong and healthy.”

H. F Fachmi. ST. MT, FORMI Sumatera Selatan, explained, “Together, Anlene and FORMI both have the same goal of encouraging people to be active to help prevent the risk of non-communicable diseases. To celebrate National Sports Day, we will see 3,000 people participate in organised activities in Palembang, including a fun walk and aerobics competition, and we hope to see them become advocates for healthy and active lifestyles in their communities.”

At the ‘Jalan Santai dan Lomba Senam Aerobik’ event, Anlene will support group exercises and provide MoveCheck’s, where participants can have a healthy, bone density and body age examination.

Anlene addresses the varying needs of the Indonesian consumers in their effort to live active and healthy through their two ranges of Anlene Actifit and Anlene Gold Plus.

Anlene Actifit containing important nutrients to support bone, joints and muscles through hi-calcium, collagen, protein while Anlene Gold Plus includes a source of potassium, high fiber and no added sugar to maintain blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar level in addition to bone, joints, muscle with calcium, collagen and protein. Overall, Anlene provides a unique bundle of nutrients that work synergistically to support total mobility and freedom of movement.

"Through Anlene‘s high-quality and nutritious milk and the ‘Ayo Indonesia Bergerak’ campaign, Fonterra Brands Indonesia demonstrates its continued commitment promoting active lifestyles and supporting stronger, healthier and happier Indonesian communities," Rhesya Agustine concluded.