Update on incident at Fonterra Edendale site


Fonterra has confirmed all staff members at its Edendale milk processing plant are safe following the collapse of a raw milk silo on Friday afternoon. “Our teams were able to quickly confirm that all of our people were accounted for, which is always our first priority in any unexpected event,” said Robert Spurway, COO of Global Operations.

The silo is one of about 100 silos on site, representing less than ten percent of Edendale’s total capacity for raw milk storage. While the cause of the incident is not yet known, Mr Spurway confirmed there was no explosion.

He said the silo appeared to have failed and the subsequent collapse damaged a nearby pipebridge, creating the loud noise heard by those in the vicinity.

“Whilst some of the damage may take several weeks to repair, the situation is under control and we are now working to get the plant back up and running as normal,” explained Mr Spurway.

Fonterra said there could be some temporary impact on milk collection in the Southland region, and will keep impacted farmers informed.