Special Moment on Mother's Day


Mother's Day is a moment to celebrate love and kindness. 

In the spirit of Fonterra Berbagi*, Fonterra celebrated this moment with a special visit to Kampung Melayu orphanage and bring joy with gifts of toys, books, and stationery to orphans.

Apart from that, we also brought a special gift of Boneeto milk to meet their essential nutritional needs, because we believe every child has the right to the best nutrition.

Not only children, we also contributed our fortified Anlene milk for caregivers at the Kampung Melayu orphanage, supporting their nutritional intake for what is possibly.

Fonterra Berbagi represents our commitment to social responsibility by sharing the goodness of dairy and bringing essential nutrition to underserved segments of our local community.

It was a heart-warming sight to see how happy they were. It’s like my heart smiles too, knowing how we made someone happy with the beauty of sharing.

Nisa Rahmani, Communications Manager, Fonterra Brands Indonesia

We are happy to support the local communities where we operate and share our world-class dairying expertise to make a positive difference. We are working together to care for people and make a positive social impact. Leveraging our unique strengths in nutrition to care for people in our communities.

Together, let's continue to share the goodness and create a stronger, healthier, and happier community.

*Berbagi means to share in Bahasa Indonesia