Growing the protein portfolio in Thailand


More Thais are looking for both nutrition and convenience in a single product, especially as busy urbanites and single households have more money to spend.

Active lifestyles are also a growing trend, and as people flock to fitness we’re seeing a greater demand for high protein drinks and energy bars.

The active nutrition category has massive potential in this market. In fact, the Thai sports protein powder retail market is forecast to grow 11.8 per cent by 2019.

Focused on this emerging consumer trend, the NZMP ingredients team has been developing new products and working with customers to capture this growth.

Last month, the team launched a new high protein milk drink with customer CP Meiji using our milk protein concentrate 70 (MPC70) – a key ingredient that doubles the protein intake. The beverage is available in 7-Eleven convenience stores and other outlets across the country.

NZMP Thailand Account Manager Autchawadee Noi Teekabun says this was a key win for the team, as CP Meiji is a leading pasteurised milk producer in Thailand and this initiative will help to drive growth of the high protein category. 

“This high protein milk drink is perfect for adults or older consumers who want to lead active and healthy lives – helping them to maintain muscle mass and mobility as they age.

“We’re also looking to work with our customers to develop more high protein products for children,” says Noi.

Our priority is to continue working closely with our customers, building deeper and trusted relationships, understanding their needs, and co-developing solutions to make sure we’re leading the way in innovation and staying ahead of consumer trends.

Autchawadee Noi Teekabun, ACCOUNT MANAGER, NZMP Thailand 

Keeping up with the trend of making dairy nutrition available for people on-the-go, the team is developing Greek yoghurt formulations with customers which will provide a wide variety of tasty, nutritious options for Thai consumers.