Dairy Beloved 


Milk shops are a sight to behold in Vietnam, a country that’s currently enjoying one of Asia’s fastest growth and consumption rates.

It’s one of South East Asia’s fastest-growing economies and tipped to be the world's tenth largest consumer market by 2030.

Here some 97 million consumers jostle through wonderfully busy, unpredictable roads, bustling lanes, navigating a chaotic whirl of bikes, crowds, and street food stalls.

Welcome to vibrant Vietnam, where Fonterra has been delivering dairy nutrition for over 40 years through our Consumer Foodservice and Ingredient businesses.  

Vietnamese are still not drinking enough milk though - dairy consumption here continues to trail behind the average of many neighbouring countries, which only means plenty of room for growth.

While liquid formats are increasingly popular, milk powder still reigns. It’s a highly competitive market, with over 300 international and local brands trying to gain a share, making visibility amongst the crowd very important.

Some 600,000 traditional trade stores dominate Vietnam’s retail economy, of which 50,000 focus entirely on functional adult milks.

Fonterra sells Anlene milk to consumers nationwide through milk shops, otherwise known as “Tạp Hoá Sữa”.

Most of the actual purchasing occurs just outside of the shop though, making the role of the promoter a crucial one. Watch this clip to see where the action actually happens.

Leading in adult nutrition

Fonterra's hero adult milk brand, has been at the forefront of the fight against osteoporosis in Vietnam, championing bone health and mobility, essential for a quality life.

Over the last four years, the team have conducted more than 100,000 free bone health checks across Vietnam, working in partnership with the country’s National Institution of Nutrition.

This is done via a bone scan machine, a small, portable device that takes an impression of the bones on peoples feet, then assesses the risk of osteoporosis.

It’s a quick, non-invasive process, and takes just 3 mins to generate an assessment so it’s not unusual to have locals stopping for a bone health scan between shopping at the local market.