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Supporting flood-affected Kiwis

In response to the devastating floods that hit the North Island of New Zealand last week, Fonterra has been supporting key community groups on the front-line giving assistance to affected kiwis.

February 08, 2023


Our Emergency Response Teams helping farmers hit by Canterbury floods

When Fonterra farmers were impacted by devastating floods that hit the Canterbury region in May, the Co-operative’s Emergency Response Team swung into action.

July 14, 2021


The Co-operative spirit helps Temuka dairy farmer

When Temuka-based farmer Hamish Pearse suffered a devastating fire in his milking shed in February he witnessed first-hand the benefits of the co-operative spirit of his neighbours, friends and Fonterra.

June 08, 2021


Taranaki farm embraces te ao Māori

A profitable dairy farm doesn't have to come at the cost of the environment, say South Taranaki dairy farmers Jane and Damian Roper.

May 03, 2021


The battle of the milk tankers

The battle of Fonterra’s new milk tanker trailers has begun. Three prototypes are being tested on our roads season to see which one performs best. While two of the trailers were designed and built by transport engineering companies, the third is the brainchild of one of the Co-operative’s own tanker operators, Bill Groves.

April 07, 2021


Rewarding diversity at Fonterra's Research and Development Centre 

Inclusivity and Innovation key to success. With more than 40 different ethnicities across a team of nearly 400 and 14 different languages spoken by our leaders across site alone, our team at the FRDC truly is a culturally diverse bunch.

December 11, 2020


A Primo way to showcase our farms

When farmers have a beautiful property they’re proud of, sometimes they just want to share it with the world, and what better way to do that than playing host to one of the biggest women-only multi-sport events in the world.

December 07, 2020


Shepherdess...for mothers, daughters, sisters, friends

A truck pulls up to the cow shed, a pretty normal scene on a rural New Zealand dairy farm, but it’s not a tanker here to pick up the milk – it’s a delivery truck full of magazines.

November 20, 2020


A winning approach to health & wellbeing

Fonterra’s Health and Wellbeing team have proven they’re industry-leading, winning the WorkSafe New Zealand best initiative to address a work-related health risk at the New Zealand Workplace Health and Safety Awards.

November 18, 2020