Fonterra’s year by the numbers


It's that time of year when we take a look back at the highlights that helped make 2019 what it was before turning the page to 2020.

Just like Santa, Fonterra has been keeping a list. Instead of who’s been naughty or nice, we’ve published a list of some of the things in 2019 we’ve been up to as the year (and decade) wraps up.

A massive thanks to our farmers, employees and communities for helping make this happen. 

Download our infographic

  • Fonterra produced and exported the equivalent of 250 Eiffel Towers of dairy products around the world this year. That’s 2.6 million metric tonnes of product to 120 countries.
  • Around 10,000 pairs of gumboots were up at 4.31am each day, milking 3.5 million cows. 
  • Tanker trips featured heavily. Our tanker fleet travelled 86 million kilometres – that’s like driving to the moon and back roughly 100 times. 
  • A tanker collected milk every 4 minutes and a ship carrying our products left New Zealand every three hours.
  • Roughly 15 billion litres of milk were collected from milking sheds, culminating in a whopping 600,000 tanker loads.
  • 280 researchers and scientists worked on amazing new inventions and products in our Research and Development Centre.
  • $10 billion injected into regional New Zealand via the Farmgate Milk Price.
  • Farmers clocked up 50% more Farm Environment Plans.
  • 140,000 KickStart breakfasts served each week (with our partners MSD and Sanitarium).
  • The equivalent of 5,200 rugby fields were better protected and restored under Living Water partnership with DOC.
  • The Co-operative is celebrating 0 new coal boilers, as per our commitment to stop using the stuff. On the flipside, we launched 4 new targets to lower our environmental footprint.