Winning in the popularity stakes


Australians love our brands – Mainland, Perfect Italiano and Western Star – and it’s not just us saying it, they’re the most popular in their categories. 

Mainland ‘On the Go’ Cheese and Crackers is the top-selling menu item on Virgin Australia. 

The airline has sold over 300,000 – or 12 tonnes – of the snacking cheese last year, making it the most popular food at 30,000 feet.

Virgin Australia guests say the cheese and cracker pack is “the perfect versatile snack to have on the go” and the airline says it “isn’t likely to disappear from the menu anytime soon — it has a long history with the airline”.

Western Star has reaffirmed its position as Australia’s favourite butter after leading market research firm, Roy Morgan, reported that it is “Australia’s top butter brand”. 

The researcher found that more than 3.1 million Australians buy Western Star in an average month – an increase of over 550,000 from four years ago.

Perfect Italiano is also winning people over, with customer reviews on brand comparison site, Canstar Blue, scoring Perfect Italiano grated cheese a perfect 5-stars. Rated by consumers on taste, packaging, variety and overall customer satisfaction, it was the only grated cheese to achieve five stars.

This customer satisfaction is translating to sales – with one pack of Perfect Italiano’s Grated Cheese Blends and Mozzarella selling every four seconds.

Of course, the proof is in the pudding (or cheese or butter, as the case may be!) – go out and try these for yourself, today.