Head of the class at Spreyton


Clouds, SNMPs, OSI models and IPs – sometimes working with technology can seem like a foreign language!

For many of us tech jargon can often go over our heads, yet in a more automated and technical world, understanding digital language is a crucial workplace skill.

Forty Spreyton team members got the opportunity to learn more about our digital world through the 26TEN project, a program run by a network of Tasmanian organisations working to improve literacy skills through teaching in a supportive environment.

The program aims to build confidence in the workplace by helping people to upskill and improve their literacy and numeracy skills – skills relevant both at home and at work.

With more and more of our processes moving online, 26TEN designed a program aimed at boosting the team’s digital literacy skills.

Although learning new processes and skills can be daunting, our Spreyton team tackled each task head on, and soon developed a great level of confidence in completing workplace documents and training online.

Spreyton site manager Doug Overdijk says the program gives the team the opportunity to refine their skills in an open and supportive environment, and has the bonus effect of boosting engagement.

“Not only does the program help develop our people, it’s also building team engagement,” says Doug.

“A number of people involved in the program have stepped up and taken on new challenges since completing the course, so we’re already seeing results. One of our warehouse team members has just moved into a new position, and has already incorporated his newly-learned skills and implemented new computer systems to better manage data collection in his new role.

“The 26TEN program has boosted skills and confidence for our people – it’s really helped to de-mystify the digital world, so that we’re better equipped for the future.”

To learn more about the 26TEN project, visit https://26ten.tas.gov.au/