OPINION: Doing dairy better


In today’s marketplace, it’s important to listen to the consumer.

Holding the number one position in butter and spreads, and having made a tough decision to divest our yoghurts and dairy desserts business, we know this better than most.

Fonterra’s Australian business works hard every day striving to do dairy better, committed to unlocking the value of dairy for our consumers, customers and farmers.

We hold the number one position in butter and spreads, with Western Star™. We’ve also built the largest consumer cheese business in the country, with more than $470m in retail sales generated by Perfect Italiano™, Mainland™, and Bega™. Through our portfolio of leading brands, Fonterra Australia is growing volume and value across all customers faster than that of the respective categories, with great momentum building year on year.

I believe that part and parcel of our desire to do dairy better, is knowing our strengths – being consumer led and customer driven in everything we do – and looking for opportunities around emerging trends.

As a leader in dairy nutrition, with access to a world-class research and development capability, we’re constantly challenging ourselves to find better, more innovative ways to improve our products and better meet the ever-changing needs of our consumers.

More recently, our team has found a way to leverage dairy’s inherent goodness, while tapping into a growing consumer behaviour among Australian adults – which sees us moving into the vitamin and supplements market.

We know from our research, Australians are becoming increasingly interested in looking after themselves, adopting a more proactive approach to health and wellbeing through healthy eating, exercise and self-monitoring.

The rising popularity of fit-bits and Apple watches is evidence that consumers are looking for ways to better their health – and take charge of it themselves. Our research also showed that after regular exercise, taking vitamins and dietary supplements is the second most common behaviour among Australian consumers in maintaining their health and wellness.

We think this market has significant potential – and has a strong direct correlation with dairy, through which is inherently rick in natural vitamins and minerals. That’s why we recently launched Bodiology™ – an all-in-one vitamin, mineral and protein powder tailored to help repair and rebuild joints, muscles and bones in the one system. One serve, every day helps repair and rebuild damage caused by age and day-to-day wear and tear.

The first of its kind for Fonterra Australia, Bodiology™, is on shelves in one of Australia’s fastest-growing pharmacy chains, Chemist Warehouse. It’s an exciting time for our team. Watch this space. 

By Kiril Simonovski, Director, Sales & Marketing Director – Fonterra Australia