Cobden Primary School visit the home of Western Star

Around 65 Cobden Primary School kids donned on their safety glasses and high vis vests this month, for a tour of our Cobden factory – the home of Western Star.

The primary schoolers had the chance to see some of Fonterra’s 270 factory staff hard at work while touring the milk and butter factories, and learning the ropes of factory safety. 

The robots were a highlight, said the grade twos.

“Today we went to the Fonterra factory. We saw robots and milk bottles, they were moving by themselves! The factory was amazing. The class had to wear safety glasses and a special vest, and we also saw some humongous silos, it was fantastic!”

“On Wednesday we went for a big walk to Fonterra to see milk. We got to see where Grace’s dad works and we got to see robots, then the milk tankers, they were incredible. We saw the milk silo, it was big! They looked like they had lots of milk in them. We had so much fun!”

Team member, Freya Fidge, said that it was a great opportunity to teach our younger members of the Cobden community where the region’s farmers’ milk goes.