Hilary’s taste test


Hilary Barry’s one of New Zealand’s most well-known and best-loved TV hosts, co-starring alongside Jeremy Wells, every weeknight right after the six o’clock news – on Seven Sharp.

While she can command prime-time viewership, can she cut it as a Fonterra employee?

We put her to the test as part of her weekly tongue-in-cheek segment called ‘Hilary Helps’, where she gave a helping hand to the Co-op’s sensory panellists at Fonterra’s Research and Development Centre.

The Panellists work in the heart of the Manawatu and arguably have the greatest job in the Co-op.

It’s their job to taste – everything from yoghurt, to milk powder, and caseinate.

Last year alone, the team tasted over 9,000 samples and Deanne Austin, Manager Sensory Technical, says it was great to have Hilary on the job.

Hilary loved it, she was really impressed with our panellists’ ability to pick up certain taste attributes, and it was also a great opportunity to remind consumers about our Co-op’s dairy expertise.

Deanne Austin, Manager Sensory Technical

One of the stars of the team is Bev Anderson, who’s our longest taste tester - she’s been on the job for over 25 years.

So, could Hilary Barry compete against the likes of Bev?

Watch the video to find out.